Bird proofing

Bird Proofing Services

Using wire, mesh, netting and spikes, we aim to stop birds from roosting on surfaces and fouling the areas below.


  • Birds roosting in unwanted places often results in bird droppings, bird nests and bird noise disturbance.
  • Bird proofing involves physically blocking and preventing nuisance birds from roosting in a specific area.
  • It is difficult to use just one method for all areas, so we employ differing ways to achieve this.


Our solution is to use a combination of netting, wire mesh and bird wire between posts and spikes:

  • Netting is great for covering large areas, either vertical or horizontal, as long as it can be securely fixed.
  • Wire mesh is useful as it needs maintenance once installed.
  • Bire wire is cost-effective for larger, open areas and creates an uneven surface that causes landing birds to take off immediately.
  • Spikes can be cut to any length and can be used for items such as window sills.
  • Client : John Doe
  • Live Demo :
  • Category : Gift Garden, Grow Plan
  • Date : December 20, 2017