DOFF & Torc Cleaning London – Stone Refurbishing & Cleaning Service

Stone built buildings can outlast concrete alternatives. However, the surface of natural stone and brickwork deteriorates over time, looking stained and unsightly. Stone can stain, streak or even turn black due to industrial pollutants, exhaust emissions, sea salts and algae.

A Recent demonstration on a job that clearly shows what a DOFF machine can achieve when returning yellow stock bricks to there original colour.

Service Features

Urban Issues will firstly undertake an evaluation of the work required, considering the stone material, the soilage, and which method would be most suitable. These include DOFF and TORC. We have experienced operatives who achieve great results using a variety of different equipment and methods. A Works Completion Report, detailing the scope of work, methodology and recommendations is provided. This also includes many photos of the site, before, during and after work completion.

  • We complete a full survey of the soiled area, identifying the stone and where the paint can be removed.
  • Drawing on our experience, we determine the optimum method of cleaning that will be effective and not harm the surface.
  • You will be supplied with a Risk Assessment and Method Statement.
  • We use trained operatives to carry out the cleaning and stain removal tasks.
  • After the work is complete, you will receive a Report detailing all the steps, with photographs.


Yes, call and then we can identify the material for you.

We will use our experience to identify the staining, and recommend the correct solution.

Yes, we always aim to provide a value for money service.

We only use safe methods to clean stone, ensuring that the original surface is not harmed.