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Guano is an accumulation of bird and bat excrement. Guano is a breeding ground for the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum, which can cause the disease histoplasmosis in humans, cats and dogs when guano dust is inhaledPigeons are by far the biggest contributor to guano in urban areas. They roost where they can find a horizontal surface such as beams, rafters and window ledges. If allowed to stay, they can produce large amounts of guano that are unsightly and hazardous with bacteria and parasites. Guano is acidic and can harm susceptible surfaces. Large build-ups will smell, and this can travel through air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Service Features

Our operatives are trained and experienced in bird guano removal. We adhere to robust procedures to manage any risks, and we provide a thorough clean-up of the deposits. We leave the affected areas disinfected and clean, with health hazards removed. We provide a Works Completion Report, detailing the scope of work, methodology and recommendations. This also includes many photos of the site, before, during and after work completion.

  • We complete a full survey of the soiled area.
  • Included will be recommendations to prevent re-soiling.
  • We thoroughly clean affected areas and remove guano safely and responsibly using our Waste Disposal Licence.
  • Using a strong avian disinfectant, we leave the area hygienically clean.


Yes, feral pigeon guano is a breeding ground for parasites and germs that are harmful to health.

We are very experienced in ensuring a total cleanup for you.

Urban Issues have safely removed guano from concrete, tiles, metal and many other surfaces.