Needle Sweep

Needle Sweep Cleaning & Sharps Waste Removal

Needle Sweep Cleaning & Sharp Waste Removal London

Open public spaces and urban areas are prone to misuse and potential drug abuse. Needles that are used and then carelessly discarded are particularly dangerous as they can carry blood-borne viruses. Litter and piles of debris are unsightly and can attract vermin that bring health and wellbeing concerns. Human and animal excrement also present a serious health threat to everyone, especially children. Here at Urban Issues, we provide services to deal with all of these problems. 

Service Features

We provide a needle sweep service, where our experienced operatives meticulously search all sites to locate and dispose of any sharps that we find. This service is particularly useful for urban parks and recreation areas, as well as empty properties and sites where homeless people congregate or live. We are Environment Agency registered and licensed waste carriers, who can clear any space of waste, debris, litter, sharps and excrement. We will always provide a Risk Assessment and a Method Statement. 

  • We work with you to identify the scope of work required.
  • We determine the risk and create the Method Statement, which we will share with you.
  • We carefully undertake the work, ensuring the safety of all concerned, at all times.
  • After the needles have been identified and collected, we place them in suitable hazardous waste sharps bins, for safe disposal.
  • We collect all waste materials from grounds and buildings, and safely remove them from the site.


Urban Issues comply with the law that requires a licence to transport waste.

We can provide a service to collect, remove and safely dispose of all waste materials.

This carries a risk, and our staff are trained in how to safely deal with, and remove all sharps.

We safely gather and dispose of all refuse, including sharps and human waste.