DOFF Cleaning Service

Using cleaning methods such DOFF and TORC, we are keen to discuss any building restoration jobs with you.


  • Stone built buildings can outlast concrete alternatives.
  • However, the surface of natural stone and brickwork deteriorates over time, looking stained and unsightly.
  • Stone can stain, streak or even turn black, due to industrial pollutants, exhaust emissions, sea salts, grime and algae.

A case study here as a featured project: Our client is the new owner of a pub in Greenwich and wanted to bring it back to its former glory. Using the DOFF system, we removed approximately 10 coats of paint, not to mention the dirt and grime, dating back to the 1970s. This revealed the vibrant green glazed ceramic tiles underneath, and took the pub back to its original look, as shown in a photo taken around 1920.


Our solution is to use equipment such as DOFF and TORC to enable a surface clean:

  • DOFF is a high temperature, low pressure cleaning method that superheats steam to easily remove the soiling.
  • Low level of water ingress to the building, allowing the stone to dry quickly.
  • TORC is a method using water and calcium carbonate to effectively remove mould, grime and paint from stone surfaces.
  • We provide a service that will remove paint, guano, oils and other stains whilst leaving the stone unaffected.
  • Client : John Doe
  • Live Demo :
  • Category : DIY, Gift Garden
  • Date : December 20, 2017