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Bird Proofing, Spikes & Netting Service London

The presence of birds within industrial, commercial or residential spaces is frustrating and messy when they roost, resulting in potentially harmful build-up of guano. Balconies and warehouses are vulnerable areas, as they are large, open spaces where birds can enter and potentially roost. 

Service Features

We employ various methods to prevent bird entry and work to stop them from finding a place to roost. Our operatives are highly skilled and experienced in providing many practical ways to achieve bird proofing. We consult with clients, carry out a Risk Assessment and provide a Method Statement, so all parties understand the work to be carried out.

  • Anti-bird netting – This is the most effective way to prevent bird entry to large, open areas. We securely fix nylon or polypropylene nets to adjacent surfaces.
  • Bird mesh – We utilise this when there are smaller areas to be protected, or where fixing netting is challenging.
  • Wire (used when netting and mesh are inappropriate) – We securely fix low profile wires to make for an unstable landing area, dissuading birds from perching and roosting.
  • Bird spikes – Available from us in different materials and sizes. Suitable for fences, roofs and window ledges, these blunt spikes are humane and very efficient.
  • Decoys and scarers – Can be used in large open spaces to ward off birds.


We will attend your site and, with our years of experience, determine the best option for you.

We can access high-level areas via a multitude of different methods.

If 1 bird can gain access, others will. We will stop more entering, or being able to roost.

We can humanely deal with and remove existing birds.

We can safely and hygienically remove these and clean the site.